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rules and conduct of the forum
These are the rules of our community. Please follow the rules or you might find your self with a warning or even banned. This is a privately owned site. So please respect our rules. We are striving to be a friendly community. We are a drama free community. We won't tolerate drama on this site.

1] Respect the staff and members on the site. We will not tolerate if you are disrespectful. If a staff member asks you to do something please do it.

2] No offensive, vulgar, disgusting pictures are to be used in avatars, signatures, or posts. Staff will decide what draws the line

3] Don't claim things that you didn't create as your own. This will not be tolerated.

4] Do not flood the forum or double post. This includes bumping posts *If you bump your post topic may be lock or deleted at staff discretion and request may not be granted.

5] Do not ask to be staff. If a position is available you will get the chance to apply for it.

7] Do not make more then 1 account if we find out you did one will be deleted.

8] Impersonation will not be tolerated in the shoutbox or on the forum.

9] Do not use excessive caps. We consider this as yelling.

10] If you deserve a like this for a good post you may receive one.

11] Please keep the language you use on here to English only.

12) When uploading a creation on the exchange remember to follow the rules. Staff will decide what draws the line.

13) No advertising your website anywhere on the board even your siggy. Unless you have permission from the staff. No advertising means don't PM are members to join your site or you will be banned . We won't tolerate rudeness to other members

14)There is also [Image: kopfschuettel.gif] hot linking.

15) The Staff here reserves the right to take down anything off this site without an explanation that includes posts and creations.

16)  do not to abuse of that button or a warning or depending on the abuse or temp ban can occur if the report post button is abuse and the topic can be locked from any more reports

17) when posting a thank youor a new thread please avoid using to many smilies makes a post hard to understand and also please reist the urge of replying with only a smilie it can be annoying at times you can use one or 2 smilies in your threads but thats it do not over use the smilies on the forum or i will have to disable the use of smilies*New rule*

Most of all have fun and unleash you creativity.  ;D

Shoutbox Rules
All site rules apply to the shoutbox also. The shoutbox is a privileged not a right so if you decide to break a rule in the shoutbox you might find yourself banned from it.

* If anyone observes the above forum requirements as being violated, I encourage you to PM any site admin or global moderator That is online with a link to the thread or to press the report to moderator Button This includes PM"s from other members If you are being violated in a PM contact a staff member with proof of what was said to you. *
All rules are subject to change

*Edit: please do not post personal info Like your age or personal email address this may earn you a warning or a temporary ban or perma ban depending on the offense or a perma ban please note that this rule may be updated or change by the staff with out warning

This is also a PG-13 site we won't tolerate foul language in any of the posting areas.

*Edit: when possible please check your spelling as staff will not always go in the members post to fix there spelling if the member notice a mistake or type it up to the member to fix is typing mistake

*Edit: new rule taking effect as of today if a member feels threatened or harm by any staff member please pm me pierre joset or tia so that we can deal with the matter

*new rule has of today please do not insult members or staff as it could lead to eather a warning to temp ban for a few days but if severe this may lead to a ban with out warning.[/strike]

as of today there will be [Image: kopfschuettel.gif] insulting members it is important to respect other members of other language and also please have patience with others who have a disabilities we are a friendly site that welcomes all of other country's in there own language you will [Image: fresse.png] a indef ban or account termination and ip ban depending on the insult used please report it to staff and we will handle it very important as of today please watch your language and be mindful of younger members and also any sims stuff that is non pg 13 will be remove and the member will be pm by staff to explain why is upload was remove and also please check your uploads as of today to make sure [Image: kopfschuettel.gif] bad cc is hiding like ex some hidden nude skin in you sims upload these will be removed and [Image: kopfschuettel.gif] longer accepted on friendly simmers

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